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    Shenzhen Bethlehem Rain Gear Products Co.,Ltd. is a set design, production and sales of professional umbrella companies, founded in 2014, has its own factory, the factory area of over 1000 square meters, more than 70 employees. All companies use high-quality materials, professional products, complete specifications, fashionable and exquisite workmanship, good quality. Have an annual output of more than 1 million umbrella of production capacity, specializing in advertising umbrella, gift umbrella, umbrella, beach umbrella, straight umbrella, sun umbrella, golf umbrella, advertising umbrella, bottle umbrella, garden umbrellas, aprons, raincoats, tents, non-woven bags and other products; have a domestic first-class R & D design team and professional sales and service team, also has its own mold development and production equipment, our products are sold in more than 10 countries and regions . With the number of older workers in the rich experience and superb umbrella on the basis of technology, adding new and more scientific production management, and improve the service, so that the proofing cycle, the production cycle, logistics tracking maturing better meet customer demand. Especially for the design of complex high-quality umbrella ability to control production and new product development capabilities, so that we will soon become a major bank, Hengda Real Estate, Coca-Cola, China Telecom, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, pure, all golf stadium, etc. both the pursuit of new, unique, singular and the pursuit of high-quality advertising umbrella big favorite.
     Bethlehem umbrella brand - new, stylish high-quality, inexpensive products to market, to serve the public, with our product promotion to enhance your brand, service is our aim! Do first-class service brand advertising umbrella, an umbrella brand to do a first-class company, is our vision!

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